Her-Story behind this beautiful Piece of Art

It’s always a wonderful thing when your own creativity inspires you. This is MY story behind this beautiful piece of art:

This piece is the exact replica of an art project I made in my art class in the 5th where I attended “Pierce Elementary School” on the east side of Detroit. Art class in those days no longer exist; unfortunately. I decided to recreate this project because it was the beginning of my very own history (HER-STORY)!

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My Vintage Velvet

This gorgeous velvet jacket and hand bag with the rich vibrant colors is 25 years old, and i consider it vintage. It was my first pattern sewn garment. I took this challenge on with no fear and real experience on the sewing machine my Mother gave me that she purchased when I was in high school.  I spent $30 on the fabric which is nearly what I would pay per yard today. I also made a black velvet skirt that i can’t squeeze my hips; unfortunately,  it’s not the stretch velvet that’s made today.  But I’m certain that the quality of this fabric is nothing you will find today…it’s plush, thick and soft .

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Photo Session

This photo session was an experience to say the least. For me, it’s always about my garments. So there will be no shout-outs to any hair or makeup artist. When I stepped in front of all the lights, my thought was, I’m in trouble because everything will be exposed that’s not perfected. By then, it was too late to be concerned by the lack of make-up and hair attention. I finally made it to this point so let’s just get it done and to be my natural self.

On to the important stuff…

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