The Granny Square Hobo Poncho Welcomes the Fall Season

I made this Poncho just before Autumn made her way.  Crocheting is my first love.  I learned to crochet at the tender age of 10.  The granny square afghan was the first major project I completed which I still have today; its pink and purple.  I remember my Dear Mother purchasing rolls of yarn as I finished one.  I  don’t remember who taught me how to crochet. I believe I taught myself.  My Grandmother had crocheted afghans on her living sofa and chair that her neighbor made for her, and I just remember examing every stitch and creating my own.


Her-Story behind this beautiful Piece of Art

It’s always a wonderful thing when your own creativity inspires you. This is MY story behind this beautiful piece of art:

This piece is the exact replica of an art project I made in my art class in the 5th where I attended “Pierce Elementary School” on the east side of Detroit. Art class in those days no longer exist; unfortunately. I decided to recreate this project because it was the beginning of my very own history (HER-STORY)!

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